Building Node.js RESTful API with Test-Driven Development Approach – Book

In this book, you will learn to build a Node.js RESTful service from the scratch with Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach in Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB in ten complete steps.

To begin with, you will go through the list of frameworks and tools that you will be using for all the phases: from the design, development, and testing to familiarize ourselves before diving into each the action.

You will learn the central concepts of RESTful Service and TDD that you need know to build a REST API at the start of this book itself.

Wouldn’t be fun to learn the nitty-gritty of those central concepts while going through the whole process in each step?

So, you will continue to learn all the necessary details of the big-picture concepts as you travel along each chapter and section as required to make it learning by doing the process.

You will also go through all the crucial steps of building any software system one by one in the natural flow. So that you can absorb the concept in each of the steps effectively and create the system efficiently.

Below are the crucial steps that you are going to walk through in this book while building the REST API with TDD approach.

  • Requirement of the system, 
  • Conceptualize the system behavior to satisfy the requirements, 
  • Architect the big picture of the system that you are going to build, 
  • Design the system with the appropriate level of depth so that you know affront what path you are going to walk through, 
  • Develop the system with prescribed technology and approach.
  • Test the built system to conform to the requirements that started the whole process of creating it.

This book contains 10 complete steps guide for developing the REST API in Node.js, Express.js & MongoDB RESTful Service with Test-Driven Development.

All the working codebase for each of the steps described in this book is available in the GitHub in this repository.

I can assure that your journey through this book will be an enjoyable learning experience.

Here is the link to the ebook and paperback versions of this book in Feel free to check it out.

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